How to get amazing striped lawns

How to get amazing striped lawns

It’s common to feel a twinge of jealousy when you see a lawn with gorgeous grass stripes. You don’t need to hire a specialist to achieve amazing striped lawns, but you can do it independently.

In this article, you’ll learn more about lawn stripes, the benefits of lawn striping, how lawn striping works, the optimal grass conditions for lawn stripes, and lawn-striping-related tips. Read on to learn more!

What are lawn stripes?

Lawn strips are striped patterns in the grass that reflects off the grass blades in a certain direction. Your lawn will look fantastic since one row of grass will be facing away from you, while the other will be looking toward you.

It doesn’t matter whether the sun is obscured by clouds; the light rays still bounce off the grass. The brighter the sun, the more noticeable the stripes will be. Because of the tremendous impact it may have on the appearance of your home’s exterior, lawn striping is an absolute need.

Benefits of striped lawns: Why put in the effort?

Most significantly, striping your lawn improves its overall appearance while promoting healthy grass growth.

Using lawn stripes as a visual cue to indicate where fertilizer or other pesticides should be applied may be quite helpful.

Maintaining the health of your grass may be improved by striping it. The direction you mow your grass will change with each row if you stripe it appropriately. Mowing your lawn in a different method encourages better grass growth.

How does lawn striping work?

Light refracts off bent grass blades, causing stripes to appear. The grass will seem darker if it is bent towards you because of the shadows. The hue of the grass that is bent away from you is lighter. The stripes on your grass are created by varying the direction you mow

Here are the steps for getting amazing lawn stripes.


Begin by sketching out your garden and deciding on your stripe pattern. If your lawn is unusually shaped, pay special attention to the corners and shorter parts. Having a rectangle-shaped lawn makes the process much simpler. You’ll be able to arrange your mowing path with the help of your drawing.


Begin by mowing at right angles to the lawn’s perimeter, then lower your mower to its lowest setting. In this way, you may guarantee that the grass is clipped straight to the lawn’s edge. Then, until you reach the end of the grass, mow in the direction you want your first row of stripes to go, turn around, and repeat. If you want to get the best stripes, you’ll want to cut the grass high, since it’s easier to bend more.

Final touches

Finally, accentuate your stripes and make them a focal point in your landscape. There are a number of ways to do this, including double-cutting the stripes or even running over them again with the mower motor off and using just the roller.

What are the best grass conditions to get striped lawns to pop?

Mowing time is heavily influenced by the state of your grass. To mow a yard with many curves and obstacles like hills, walls, trees, and other structures will take significantly longer. The more difficulties you encounter, the longer it will take to mow the lawn. However, it is impossible to estimate how long this would take. Mowing or working around muddy or overgrown grass parts might also take longer.

The best types of lawn mowers for getting a striped lawn

A wide range of lawnmowers is available to suit different range of grass mowing requirements.

Hovering lawnmower

These lawnmowers are simpler to drive and more competent at cutting irregular terrain by hovering. You may save money and time by using a hover mower on a lawn with unusually shaped areas. There are certain drawbacks to using a hover lawnmower, such as the fact that they are often electric-powered and use rotating blades.

Self-propelled mowers

When mowing a lawn greater than 14 to 34 of an acre, a self-propelled mower is a better choice since it takes less effort because it moves forward on its own. The user controls the self-propelled mower’s route as they walk behind it.

Push mowers

Depending on the size of your yard, push mowers are the best choice for flat lawns. Recall that bigger deck push mowers are more difficult to manoeuvre. The cutting deck of a push mower may vary from 16 to 22 inches, which is the optimal size for effectively and swiftly mowing your lawn.

How to get striped lawns

Cylinder mowers

The cylindrical blades of a cylinder lawnmower revolve vertically at the mower’s front. Ideally, cylinder lawnmowers should have three or more blades since they cut against a fixed blade at the bottom. If you have a level lawn that you want to maintain short and well-manicured, cylinder lawnmowers are the finest option.

Best tips for lawn stripes

The tips for creating impeccable grass stripes are as follows.

Buy a nice mower

I recommend purchasing a rear roller machine like the RM 655 RS or the STIHL RM545VR in order to get the desired effect of creating lovely stripes in your lawn.

Be careful not to mow the grass too closely

If you cut the grass too short, it will have an effect on the stripes, thus you shouldn’t have it any shorter than 30 millimetres. In addition, it is important to mow the grass at least once a week if you want the stripes to continue “popping.”

Take special attention around the edges

If you don’t keep the margins of your striped lawn maintained, it will seem messy. It is also a good idea to have a dependable grass trimmer in your storage shed for the garden to keep the edges clean.

Continue along the same route

The roller on the mower pushes the grass blades forward while also pressing them down, which creates lawn stripes as the mower moves over the grass. You may boost the definition of the stripes on your lawn by constantly following the same stripe when you mow. This will cause more of the grass to be pushed over, which will give the stripes a more distinct appearance.

Make sure your lawns are in good health

A lawn in good condition demands that it be mowed, watered, fertilized, and aerated consistently. Additionally, one must be aware of the appropriate times to do each of these tasks.


When it comes to making stripes on your lawn, the most crucial factor is your chosen method. If you don’t make full use of your striping kit, it won’t matter how elegant or expensive it is since you won’t be able to see its full potential.

The general health of your grass may be improved by lawn striping. Your grass will develop low areas whenever higher blades stop the sun’s rays from reaching shorter blades. Alternating the direction in which you mow your lawn may enhance the amount of sun that your grass absorbs, which will result in a more flawless and uniform appearance.