Dads Review of the 170 cc Powersmart Lawn mower

Dads review of the 170cc Power smart Lawnmower

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Best suited for rougher terrain. 

Gas-powered lawn mowers are necessary tools for maintaining your lawn’s lush appearance. The ideal lawnmower should make gardening easier while being cost-effective. You don’t want to spend a fortune maintaining your yard.

However, with so many options, finding the right machine for your lawn can be difficult. Today, we’ll review one of the most efficient and affordable options: The Powersmart 170cc lawn mower. The PowerSmart lawn mower has useful features that all work together to ensure mowing doesn’t feel too much like a chore anymore. So, continue reading to learn about the PowerSmart lawn mower 170cc. 

Features of the 170cc Power smart Lawnmower

    • 21-inch cutting deck
    • Self-propelled system
    • 8-inch rear wheels
    • 170 cc gasoline motor
    • Side discharge, bagger, or mulching mower
    • 5 adjustable cutting deck heights

    • Easy-release bagger system
PowerSmart Lawn Mower 170cc


This PowerSmart 3-in-1 gas-powered lawnmower has many appealing features at an affordable price. It has a powerful 170cc gasoline engine that is simple to maintain. The machine generates enough power to run the self-propulsion system and the cutting blade. The 170cc gasoline engine delivers ample power to propel the PowerSmart lawn mower forward at a comfortable walking pace.

The PowerSmart 170cc lawnmower also works impressively well as a mulcher. It easily minces grass blades into tiny pieces that decompose and feed your turf instead of building up thatch. This helps to replenish vital nitrogen in your yard, keeping your soil in great condition. 

Users can also attach the 18-gallon bag to trap grass clippings while you’re mowing. The grass clippings can then be used as manure for growing vegetables.  PowerSmart even designed the bagger with an easy release, eliminating the need for you to struggle with a bag full of grass clippings.

This powerful lawnmower performs excellently on flat or bumpy terrain and can mow large areas of grass. Just ensure you have enough gas and energy to control it. We also noticed that the PowerSmart 170cc performed impressively on complex-shaped terrain, which is a plus. 

You can also adjust the 21-inch cutting deck to one of five different heights. The 1.18-inch setting is great for warm and soggy weather, resulting in the rapid growth of your greens. On the other hand, during times of drought, you can raise the machine’s cutting deck as high as 3-inches to protect your greens from overexposure to the sun.

170cc Powersmart Lawn Mower Is Easy To Use

Once the PowerSmart lawn mower 170cc is delivered to your doorstep, you’ll need to assemble it. However, don’t worry; it’s quite easy to set up as long as you have the right tools. After setting it up, fill the machine with gas and check the oil level.

The PowerSmart lawn mower is fairly simple to get started. The self-propulsion system also moves at a casual walking pace that makes mowing your lawn a breeze. With the help of a single lever, you can adjust the height of the front wheels on the PowerSmart lawn mower for more customizable mowing options.

PowerSmart Lawn Mower 170cc
PowerSmart Lawn Mower 170cc
PowerSmart Lawn Mower 170cc


This gas-powered lawnmower requires some basic maintenance. You’ll need to occasionally switch out the oil and replace the spark plugs.  Also, check and clean the air filter at least once every month. This simple examination will help the machine’s carburetor stay clean.

If you use the PowerSmart 170cc lawn mower as a bagger, double-check to ensure that all grass clippings have been properly cleared out of the bagger after every mowing session to prevent mold build-up.

Winterizing methods, such as fuel stabilizers will also be required. Furthermore, you’ll need to change the oil change during spring. The cutting blade’s metal seems very durable. However, ordering replacement blades may be a good idea.

Unique Features of the 170cc Powersmart lawn mower

The PowerSmart 170cc lawn mower self-propulsion feature with an 8-inch rear wheel is unique. It enables the machine to move at a reasonable pace. However, it may not be as maneuverable as a standard push lawnmower. 

Furthermore, the PowerSmart lawn mower features the standard safety handlebars found on self-propelled lawnmowers. The bagger’s easy release system is another nifty feature that empties the harvested clippings much easier. 

5 Different Cutting Options

The ability to adjust the cutting deck’s height from 1.18 inches to 3 inches allows you to tailor the length of your greens. The included bagger has an 18-gallon capacity and is designed with a quick-release system. This means you won’t have any issues emptying it into your compost pile. 

However, bear in mind that the bagger is a bit porous. We recommend wearing a face mask when mowing if the weather is dusty or there is a lot of pollen on your lawn, as some of the dust or pollen can get through the porous bagger.

Should You Get the PowerSmart 170cc lawn mower for Your Lawn?


  • The PowerSmart 170cc lawn mower features a large 21-inch cutting deck which helps trim a wider area of greens.

  • This machine has five adjustable height positions for customizing the length of your greens.

  • The 18-gallon bagger can accommodate a large number of grass clippings.

  • The machine also includes an easy-release system for the bagger, so you don’t have to struggle with emptying the bag.

  • Ideal for mowing flat or bumpy terrain.

  • This machine is a self-propelled, 3-in-1 mower with mulching capability.


    • The mulcher on the PowerSmart 170cc mower occasionally clogs.

    • This machine requires seasonal maintenance.

Final verdict on the 170cc Power smart Lawnmower

The PowerSmart 170cc lawn mower is an excellent gardening tool for your yard. This lawn mower can mow large areas of your yard in no time. You can use this machine at a comfortable pace, so you don’t have to stress yourself more than necessary.

This machine also features a mulching function with a bagging system for storing grass clippings. Overall, this lawn mower will serve you well and be a great investment for your home. However, if you’re looking for a cheaper option, check out the Litheli Cordless Lawn Mower.

Model PS7218SR
Type Gas powered. Self propelled, Push mower
Start Type Pull Cord
Speed control Auto Choke
Fuel Tank 0.21 Gallon
Length 33 Inches
Height 17.3 Inches
Width 22.6 Inches
Weight 77.2 Lbs
Cutting width 21 Inches
Cutting level adjustment 7 Positions
Cutting Height 1.18 Inches - 3 Inches