Dads review of the Bosch Arm 37 Corded Lawnmower

Dads review of the Bosch ARM 37 Electric Corded Lawnmower

Best suited for a small lawn up to 3300 Sq feet

Dads seal of approval

Taking good care of your lawn is considered an important pastime, with well-manicured lawns being the envy of neighbors everywhere. But ensuring your lawn stays in tip-top condition can be lots of work, especially if you lack the right tools. The simple lawn mower is a staple in most yard sheds. However, if you are in the market for a new one, the Bosch ARM 37 is a viable option to consider.

German brand Bosch has a decent range of lawn mowers, with the Bosch ARM 37 being the only corded electric model. You may be wondering what exactly this lawn mower has to offer and how it compares to other similar models. Below is a comprehensive review of the Bosch ARM 37 electric lawn mower to help you decide whether it is the right tool for your lawn needs.e

Key Features of the Bosch ARM 37

    • 1400W Bosch Powerdrive motor
    • Corded electric with 10m cord
    • 40-litre grass box
    •  37cm cutting width
    • 5 cutting heights (20mm to 70mm)

    • Collapsible ergonomic ErgoFlex handles
Bosch Arm 37

Bosch ARM 37 Overview

As a brand, Bosch has their finger in lots of pies, and the conglomerate hasn’t been left out of the lawn mower space. Although Bosch doesn’t offer a wide range of other competitors, their lawn mower range is ideal if you enjoy the simple things in life. The Bosch ARM 37 stays true to this sentiment, being the brand’s only corded electric lawn mower model.

The Bosch ARM 37 features a 1400W engine output powering a 37cm (14.5″) cutting deck paired with a sizeable 40-liter grass catcher (grass collection bag) and a good range of cutting height (five heights between 20 and 70 mm). All these features are housed in a relatively compact and lightweight plastic body. You also enjoy a two-year guarantee, which you can extend to three years if you register the mower on the myBosch website.

Designed to be light

The Bosch ARM 37 is intelligently constructed with a compact and lightweight plastic design. While it may appear and feel like a toy to some people largely due to the plastic build, there are some notable benefits. A low weight of 12.5 kg (27.5 lb.) makes it easy to manoeuvre and transport the lawn mower.

The Bosch ARM 37 is considerably lighter than other comparable lawn mowers in its class, considering its cutting width. This mower has four wheels, with the rear wheels being larger to further improve manoeuvrability and stability. As such, you can mow your lawn with maximum control and less effort. The integrated rear wheels also help prevent scalping and ensure a striped finish.

The inset smaller front wheels allow you to cut grass growing close to or over your lawn’s edges. The mower’s build is also space-saving. Not only is the mower compact, but it features a stackable grassbox and a double folding handle to save space when you aren’t using it.

The Bosch Arm 37 is really easy to use

Being a hand-propelled mower, the compact and lightweight build of the Bosch ARM 37 ensures that it is not straining to use and move around. This makes it an ideal choice if you have a small lawn with tight spaces. It features a practical carry handle allowing you to carry the mower single-handed.

The Bosch ARM 37 also has ErgoFlex handles that help reduce strains on your arms and back by providing an ergonomic moving posture. The lawn mower features multiple adjustment switches, which enable individual customization for the best comfort. You can operate the lawn mower right or left-handed, one or two-handed, as well as vertically or horizontally for a total of eight different grip positions.

The Bosch ARM 37 doesn’t come with comprehensive assembly instruction (only pictures), but it’s easy to figure out how everything fits together. Depending on the size of your lawn, you may find the 10-meter cord to be a bit of a hustle. You have to get used to the cord and be careful in the beginning. However, it’s not difficult to work around and won’t be much of an issue if you have a small to medium-sized yard with outdoor power access.

400 Watt Power System

The Bosch ARM 37 electric lawn mower is powered by a 1400W Bosch Powerdrive motor. The Powerdrive motor protects against engine overload. While other electric mowers in this class come with 1600-1800W power systems, the ARM 37 provides a sufficient and reliable amount of power (considering the size of the mower).

The rotary blade can handle long grass with ease (up to 30cm), and you can expect a clean, even cut even in tougher grass conditions. The lawn the mower has a good toque, and the power system produces low noise levels.

Cutting Deck designed for small lawns

The Bosch ARM 37 electric lawn mower features a 37cm (14.5″) cutting deck with a rotary cutting system. The cutting system comprises a sharpened steel blade, grass combs, and airflow technology for a clean cut right up to the edge. If you have a small or medium-sized yard, this mower is more than enough to comfortably handle your lawn needs.

The ability to adjust the grass cutting height is an essential feature to consider in a lawn mower. Fortunately, with this mower, you can cut the grass to different levels based on your preferences and lawn type. The Bosch ARM 37 has a good range of cutting heights. You can select five different cutting heights starting from 20mm up to 70mm.

A full range of attachments included with the Bosch ARM 37

The Bosch ARM 37 comes equipped with a stackable 40-liter grass box. This addition ensures greater capacity and reduces the interruptions associated with constant emptying, thus saving you valuable time. It also features a quick-click handle system for simple tool-free assembly.

The Bosch ARM 37 features a rear roller that allows you to get stripes all over the lawn for that professional yard look. Also, the grass combs enable you to cut right up to your lawn’s edges. As such, you won’t have uncut grass strips when you cut around paths or walls. Unfortunately, the Bosch ARM 37 doesn’t have mulching capabilities and features.

Final Verdict on the Bosch ARM 37 Lawnmower.

Overall, the Bosch ARM 37 is a great corded electric lawn mower that offers a good value for the money. It is a sufficiently powerful and easy-to-use gardening tool that benefits from a compact, lightweight, and ergonomic design and build.

The Bosch ARM 37 boasts a good range of useful features that will enable you to keep your lawn in top-notch condition. This electric lawn mower is best suited for small to medium-sized lawns with short to medium height grass and an outdoor power outlet. The Bosch ARM 37 is available for purchase online on Amazon.

Model ‎06008A6240
Type Corded, hand-propelled
Engine Power 1400W
Torque 17Nm
Height 14.75 Inches
Width 15.75 inches
Weight 27.55 lbs
Cutting Width: 12.6 inch
Mower level adjustment Single lever quickly adjusts cutting height
(0.8" – 2.75”)
Attachments 40L grassbox, Grass combs, ErgoFlex handles