Dads guide to the Gardena Robotic Lawn Mower

Dads review of the Gardena Robotic Lawn mower

Dads seal of approval

Best suited for larger lawns up to 2700 Sq feet and can handle complex lawns with mild hills

Robotic lawn mowers are gradually on the rise, with new machines with unique features springing up. However, with so many robotic lawn mowers on the market, it can be difficult to find the perfect mower for your lawn.

The Gardena lawn mower is one machine that demands your attention. Apart from being affordable, the Gardena robotic lawn mower offers features suited for urban and suburban lawns. Continue reading to learn about nifty these features to help you decide if this machine is for you.

Features of the Gardena Robotic Lawn mower

  • Bluetooth Connection

  • 57 dB noise level

  • AI-precise & Spot Cutting function

  • Auto Weather & Terrain

  • Ideal for small and complex lawn areas

  • Easy cleaning

  • Mulching function
Gardena Robotic Lawn mower

Performance of the Gardena Robotic Lawn mower

If your lawn is 250m2, the Gardena 15001-41 SILENO will blow you away with its quiet and efficient performance. The Gardena lawn mower is surprisingly quiet and won’t disturb you or your neighbors with any pesky noise.

It cuts even thick-bladed grass well, which is pleasing news if you have thick-bladed grasses like the Bermuda grass on your lawn. Furthermore, the Gardena lawn mower is best suited for flat terrain of 2700 square feet or less. However, this machine can also handle unusually shaped terrain due to the extra guide wire.

Users will also love the mulching feature. It neatly minces grass clippings, leaving your greens finely trimmed. Furthermore, the pieces will also decompose back into the lawn, providing much-needed nutrients like nitrogen to the lawn.

The Gardena robotic lawn mower was also designed to work well in most weather conditions. This machine can withstand light rain showers or hot temperatures. However, note that the SILENO may struggle to mow in heavy rain and soaked grass.

In addition to the standard perimeter wire that prevents the mower from damaging restricted areas in your garden. This mower also includes an additional guide wire that divides your lawn into sections so the lawn mower can mow areas that may be difficult for other robotic lawn mowers. 

When combined with a convenient smartphone app that controls scheduling and other extra intelligent features, the Gardena SILENO City offers all you’ll need to keep your greens trimmed. If there is one minor criticism of the Gardena 15001-41 SILENO, it is that it is not designed to handle bumpy terrain or climb steep inclines above 35 degrees.

Gardena Lawn mower is easy to use.

As with all robotic lawnmowers, you must spend some time preparing your lawn and programming the Gardena lawn mower to work how you want it. But don’t worry, after reading the user manual, you should be able to get everything up and running in about an hour

If you do need to alter something, there is a Bluetooth interface. This gives you three minutes to make the necessary changes to the currently running program. Users can also change any settings using the control panel. This cordless lawn mower also comes with a charging station. The lawn mower is programmed to automatically return to the charging station once it needs to charge. This means you don’t have to manually charge the lawn mower.

Gardena Robotic Lawn mower

Key Features of the Gardena Robotic Lawn mower

The Gardena 15001-41 SILENO is packed with extras. This begins with the careful engineering that allows it to withstand a light rain shower. The mulching mode will also keep your lawn trimmed while also preventing thatch buildup.

You may even discover that the nitrogen provided by decomposing grass clippings reduces the need for fertilizer. The user-friendly interface and Bluetooth remote control are also useful. This allows you to change the cutting functions while mowing. 

A robotic lawnmower with 3 different Cutting Options

The Gardena lawn mower has a cutting height adjustment range of 20 to 50 millimeters. This is ideal for maintaining suburban lawns. You can even control this machine remotely. So, you can keep your lawn looking trimmed while you’re away. 

The SILENO, like all Gardena robotic lawn mowers, is outfitted with three pivoting razor blades with a cutting width of 16 cm. Unlike most mowers, which have a single large blade, these blades are thin and agile, producing a neat slice of grass. 

Gardena Robotic Lawn mower

A small robotic lawn mower requires little maintenance

Gardena Robotic Lawn mower

Impressively, the Gardena lawn mower does not require much maintenance. The blades are relatively simple to replace. However, like most robotic mowers, if your lawn is littered with tree branches, you may need to change the blades more frequently.

The Gardena 15001-41 SILENO City lawn mower has been engineered with cost-effectiveness in mind, ensuring you enjoy maximum value from this device. Firstly, the all-weather material construction protects the mower from rain/moisture damage. Secondly, the machine’s build is designed to withstand minor bumps and dents. Therefore, you can be certain the Garden SILENO will last you a long time.

Safety features of the Gardena Lawnmower

The Gardena SILENO lawn mower includes many effective safety features. This mower can handle an incline of up to 35 degrees without tipping over, which isn’t always the case with some of its competitors.

Furthermore, the Bluetooth app also aids in cutting safety. If you need to modify the mower’s cutting dynamics, the Bluetooth control allows you to pause or change these settings on the go. This is preferable to chasing the lawn mower around your yard.

There are also sensors installed in the front and back of the mower to prevent damage. When the machine is picked up, the mower blades stop immediately. This feature ensures you and your loved ones remain safe when handling the machine.

Should You Get the Gardena Robotic Lawn mower for Your Lawn?


  • The Gardena 15001-41 lawn mower’s construction is weatherproof.

  • This machine is simple to set up.

  • This lawn mower provides Bluetooth compatibility.

  • The machine operates quietly.

  • This lawn mower is designed for yards of no more than 2,700 square feet.

  • The app allows users to schedule when to mow the lawn.


  • Not intended for lawns larger than 2,700 square feet.

  • The cutting blades are quite sensitive.

  • The warranty is slightly shorter than some of its competitors.

  • There is no obstacle detection included.

Final Verdict on the Gardena Robotic Lawn mower

The Gardena Sileno City lawn mower is a great addition to your home. This machine can efficiently mow your yard and includes a mulching function that can help provide nutrients to your yard. This affordable lawn mower is ideal for lawns of 250m2 and can handle flat and complex-shaped terrains. However, if your yard is less challenging and you want a cheaper lawn mower, consider the Gardena 15201-20 SILENO lawn mower.

Model 15001-41 SILENO City
Type Cordless Robotic
Power 18V 2.0Ah
Charging Time 60-75 mins
Battery Capacity 50 Mins
Height 28.35 Inches
Width 22.05 inches
Weight 28.7 lbs
Cutting turn width 9.45 Inches
Cutting system 3 pivoted cutting blades
Cutting level adjustment 0.8 Inches -2.4 inches