Meet the Dads

Our Dads are Lawncare Experts

Marty O'Donnell

Lawn Care Enthusiast

Marty is the father to three boys, who keep him busy during the week. Come the weekend, he loves nothing more than tending to his little patch of the world.

Marty fancies himself a bit of an all-round handyman. So if he’s not putting up outdoor lights or installing a sprinkler system, he might be setting up tyre swing and testing it with the kids. 

Marty O'Donell

Tyrone Finney

Small Engine Mechanic

Tyrone is very new Dad of a girl.

Tyrone is a small engine mechanic by trade. He has spent the past 10 years repairing all types of two/four-stroke engines, chainsaws, lawn mowers and other small garden equipment. 

Tyrone is the go-to authority on all mechanical garden equipment.

Andrew Hodge

Lawn care specialist

Andrew is a horticulturist and gardener specialising in turf management. Although looking after high-profile public and private spaces over the past 30 years Andrew finds that tending his own garden is an excellent way to spend the weekend. 

Andrew is an older Dad whose kids have moved out. The Grandkids are young but will be enjoying Grandpa’s garden very soon.